1st video
 1. Why is Sarah so popular?
She posts pictures of herself in underwear
2. How do you think Sarah feels?
3. Would setting the right privacy settings have helped Sarah?
2nd video
4. What does the picture on the bulletin board represent?
It represents the social network and all of the things being discussed
5. What sound does it make when the picture comes back after someone takes it down?
Mouse Clicking
6. Why does the picture keep coming back?
Once she posted it, it could be copied and pasted easily.
Video Reflection:

      1.) What rumor were the students at NSHigh spreading in Allie's daydream? 
      A: That Ava likes Mike
      2.) What technologies were they using to spread the rumor?
      A:Their cell phones
      3.) Why did the rumor spread so fast?
      A: They texted each other on their phones
      4.) What could have happened to Allie as a result of this rumor?
      A:She could have been depressed and/or committed suicide
Self Reflection:
      5.) How would your text conversations (facebook chat, snap chat, instagram comments, photos shared, etc.) change if you knew that they would be read by more people than just the ones you send them to?(Perhaps by your parents, your friend's parents, teachers, other kids...) 
       A: I would be more careful about what I say before I send it out.
      6.) Explain why you think it is important for you to reflect on that from time to time?
       A: So that I wouldn't say anything that could hurt me later by causing a lot  of problems for other people including myself.
  7.) You read my letter to you, whats on your mind now? Write me back. :)
       Dear Ms. Lawson,
        Thank you for being there for me in any situation. It makes me feel good to know that I have someone watching over me. I appreciate all you have done for me.


1) Treasurers and Controllers
2) Government Property Inspectors
3) Coroners
4) Purchasing Agents
5) Claims Examiners
6) Insurance Adjusters

    Out of all 6 of these job choices, I would probably chose Coroner. I think being a Coroner is a good job because you can help solve many criminal cases. You also can look inside of people and at all of their organs and know that that is what is inside of you. The downside would be that knowing that stuff is inside yourself and it would be disguisting. Also you might not be able to solve the case in time. The salary is pretty low in my standards and the necessary education is also low in my standards. Overall, I beleive that Coroner is one of the best job choices in the given list. 
When do you think your Digital Imprint began?  (Did your parents post photos of you as a child online?)

    I think that my digital imprint began when I was 2-3 years old. I do not know if my parents posted pictures of me when i was little because I was too small to remember and I never asked them. I know for a fact that they posted a picture of me on the computer with a diaper. I also know around the same time they posted a picture of me breaking that same computer but this time I was potty trained.

Go to Google and do a search for "Barack Obama", then Google yourself  ( "your first and last name and hometown" i.e.  "John Smith Grand Rapids").  Use Quotation Marks " " for a more accurate search.  What are your findings?  Is the information accurate about Barack Obama and how about the information about yourself?

    What I found were Barack Obama's website and his biography on Wikipedia. All of his information on both of the sites was very accurate. For myself, I found nothing under my name. I found a lot of people with the same last name, but none of them were mine.

Think about the specific "footprints" or information you leave behind on the sites on your map (such as what you viewed, typed, or accessed).  If this was the only information someone had about you, what would they think about you? What assumptions would they make about your habits & behaviors? What does your web presence say about you?

    If a digital footprint was recorded of me for every website I had been on people would think that I am a very curious person. When I hear about a person i seem interested in such as Enoch Johnson or J.P. Morgan, I research their history and what they did to become famous. I also like to watch a lot of videos on the internet using Youtube and Hulu.
What I thought About the Quiz
On the quiz in scored a ninteen and I left a small digital footprint.

What I Have Done In The Past 24 Hours
1: Black Ops 2
2: Temple Run 2
3: Zombie Road Trip
4: Temple Run
5: MW3
1: Harlem Shake
2: Nigahiga
3: Smosh
4: PrankvsPrank
5: AdrianvanOyen
1: Youtube
2: Yahoo
3: Google
4: Facebook
1: Mobile News
2: Apps (on phone)
3: Music
4: TV
5: Computer

What Role Media Plays In Our Daily Lives
    Media (such as telephones,TVs,Computers,Radio,Movies,ect.) plays a huge part in our lives. In today's world you can't really get far without technology and when you do have acess to tech, it simplifies your life. One example is the calculator. 50 years ago there were no graphing calculators that you could use to solve a function or complex formula. But today a calculator can even graph more than 10 at a time to compare side by side. Also telephones are another great invention. It helps us communicate with other people all over the world. Everyday you are surrounded by media. There are magazines you can read to get the news and you can also get that same news on your phone.
 Today I tought Moises Flores and Jacob Robinson 3 shortcuts that were taught in the 21 things for students website(21things4students.net). These were the copy(Ctrl+C) and the paste(Ctrl+V) shortcuts. The next shortcut that I tought to the both of them was Ctrl+Z which undos the previous word. Lastly I tought Moises and Jake the Ctrl+F shortcut which takes you to the find me option.
  On June 9th 1969, in a far away kingdom named Jabootyhooty, the worst thing imaginable happened. Ping, a 13 year old twin(his brother was named Pong)lost his googleyboogley(a combination of a koala and a viper)and he had started to cry like a big baby. His momma had come to soothe his wounded frontal lobe but alas, it was too late. He went completely bonkers. Against his momma's consent, he made a Jabootybook account. He added a lot of people he did not know but by the end of the month he was finally at his goal: 7 friends. His momma was devestated. So while Ping was logging on, his momma put on the Harry Potter invisible cloak and watched when Ping was entering his password.

 Later that week Ping went on Jabootybook and found that he had been hacked. He started to cry again. He liked to let it all out. His momma came in the room knowing that what she had done was for the best but she had a nagging feeling on the back of her frontal lobe that she shouldn't have done what she did. When Ping investigated furthur, he found that "he" had called himself a Jaboogeah one of the many swear words in Jaboohooty. "He" also posted many pictures of little bat-kats(a combination of a bat and a cat)and was embarrassed that all seven of his friends were going to see those embarrassing posts.

 2 weeks later Ping's mother told him that she had taken his password and used it to post those supercalafridgealisticexpealadotious posts and that she was very sorry. But alas, for the second time that month, it was too late. HE WAS CRAZY!!!!! He went to the kingdom's capital and went to the nuclear reactor room of Mass Construction and clicked the reversal of construction(a.k.a. destruction for you little ones) and destroyed his whole kingdom. And that folks is why that kingdom is not in your social studies books(and because it doesn't exist. Tricked yah!)