Video Reflection:

      1.) What rumor were the students at NSHigh spreading in Allie's daydream? 
      A: That Ava likes Mike
      2.) What technologies were they using to spread the rumor?
      A:Their cell phones
      3.) Why did the rumor spread so fast?
      A: They texted each other on their phones
      4.) What could have happened to Allie as a result of this rumor?
      A:She could have been depressed and/or committed suicide
Self Reflection:
      5.) How would your text conversations (facebook chat, snap chat, instagram comments, photos shared, etc.) change if you knew that they would be read by more people than just the ones you send them to?(Perhaps by your parents, your friend's parents, teachers, other kids...) 
       A: I would be more careful about what I say before I send it out.
      6.) Explain why you think it is important for you to reflect on that from time to time?
       A: So that I wouldn't say anything that could hurt me later by causing a lot  of problems for other people including myself.
  7.) You read my letter to you, whats on your mind now? Write me back. :)
       Dear Ms. Lawson,
        Thank you for being there for me in any situation. It makes me feel good to know that I have someone watching over me. I appreciate all you have done for me.


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