What I thought About the Quiz
On the quiz in scored a ninteen and I left a small digital footprint.

What I Have Done In The Past 24 Hours
1: Black Ops 2
2: Temple Run 2
3: Zombie Road Trip
4: Temple Run
5: MW3
1: Harlem Shake
2: Nigahiga
3: Smosh
4: PrankvsPrank
5: AdrianvanOyen
1: Youtube
2: Yahoo
3: Google
4: Facebook
1: Mobile News
2: Apps (on phone)
3: Music
4: TV
5: Computer

What Role Media Plays In Our Daily Lives
    Media (such as telephones,TVs,Computers,Radio,Movies,ect.) plays a huge part in our lives. In today's world you can't really get far without technology and when you do have acess to tech, it simplifies your life. One example is the calculator. 50 years ago there were no graphing calculators that you could use to solve a function or complex formula. But today a calculator can even graph more than 10 at a time to compare side by side. Also telephones are another great invention. It helps us communicate with other people all over the world. Everyday you are surrounded by media. There are magazines you can read to get the news and you can also get that same news on your phone.

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