On June 9th 1969, in a far away kingdom named Jabootyhooty, the worst thing imaginable happened. Ping, a 13 year old twin(his brother was named Pong)lost his googleyboogley(a combination of a koala and a viper)and he had started to cry like a big baby. His momma had come to soothe his wounded frontal lobe but alas, it was too late. He went completely bonkers. Against his momma's consent, he made a Jabootybook account. He added a lot of people he did not know but by the end of the month he was finally at his goal: 7 friends. His momma was devestated. So while Ping was logging on, his momma put on the Harry Potter invisible cloak and watched when Ping was entering his password.

 Later that week Ping went on Jabootybook and found that he had been hacked. He started to cry again. He liked to let it all out. His momma came in the room knowing that what she had done was for the best but she had a nagging feeling on the back of her frontal lobe that she shouldn't have done what she did. When Ping investigated furthur, he found that "he" had called himself a Jaboogeah one of the many swear words in Jaboohooty. "He" also posted many pictures of little bat-kats(a combination of a bat and a cat)and was embarrassed that all seven of his friends were going to see those embarrassing posts.

 2 weeks later Ping's mother told him that she had taken his password and used it to post those supercalafridgealisticexpealadotious posts and that she was very sorry. But alas, for the second time that month, it was too late. HE WAS CRAZY!!!!! He went to the kingdom's capital and went to the nuclear reactor room of Mass Construction and clicked the reversal of construction(a.k.a. destruction for you little ones) and destroyed his whole kingdom. And that folks is why that kingdom is not in your social studies books(and because it doesn't exist. Tricked yah!)

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